Thursday, January 30, 2020

Chief Information Officer and Team Lead Tech Essay Example for Free

Chief Information Officer and Team Lead Tech Essay 1) The main organizational causes of the frustration that Ayishia Coles feels is that there is no clarity in her responsibility and authority within the organization, as well as with the IT and the other departments within the bank. One of the major points of frustration is the fact that there is no one defined as coordinator between the other departments and IT. Ayisha now is in the position of where she has to take on the role of deciding what happens in the company which is not making the managers of the other departments very happy. She is frustrated because solutions are expected immediately no matter how vaguely the problems are presented to the IT department. She also feels like the amount of talent which the staff house is not being used appropriately within the bank. She believes that the IT department should be allowed to do more than troubleshot and maintenance for the technology, she believes they should be able to present their own ideas. 2) First of all the problems need to be addressed and solved as quickly as possible. The first thing that needs to be done is that they need to make it clear what her position is and what exactly she is responsible for. If I were Marshall Pinkard, because Ayishia is the chief information officer, I would give her authority over the entire IT department. She will be in charge of coordinating with her team and the rest of the departments within the bank. Each department will have a technician who is responsible for is in charge of sharing important information with the manager of their department, and the rest of the department staff, they will also be asked to share any ideas they have about upgrades with the department managers. 3) I think that the organizational structure which would be the most effective for IT at FMBT would be a Traditional Vertical Structure.

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